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SVT Cobra Club 2018 Calendar
SVT Cobra Club 2018 Member Calendar.

SCMC Price: $25.00
SCMC Stainless Drinking Cup
Members get $5.00 off the advertised price so be sure to select that option.

The SCMC stainless cup is just as good as a YETI but it has the cool SCMC logo engraved on it. These cups keep hot drinks hot and cold drinks cold for hours. Cups are 30 ounces which is 10 ounces more than a standard stainless cup. The lid has a slide latch so you do not have to take the lid off in order to drink your favorite beverage. Order yours today!

SCMC Price: $44.95
SCMC Polishing Cloth
Show your SCMC pride with these new SCMC Polishing cloths. These cool SCMC polishing cloths can be used to take off wax, apply quick mist detailer or just as a drying towel at home or on the golf course. These are no small hand towels, they are 15 inches by 24 inches and are very absorbent. Made of two types of polyester for a soft feel but thick enough to absorb water with one swipe. They come in a package of three.

SCMC Price: $20.00
SCMC Side Window Decals 2017
New 2017 SCMC side window decals.

SCMC Price: $14.00
My Other Car is a SVT Cobra Decal
Put this decal on your other cars to let everyone know you own a Cobra.

SCMC Price: $7.00
SCMC Cobra Data Tags
The perfect accent for your SVT Cobra or SVT Shelby GT 500 and a great addition for car show fanatics!!! Upon purchase, you will receive a set of two plates, one for the engine compartment and one for the dash board.

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SCMC Black Collage tee shirt
Now you can order the new SCMC tee representing every year Cobra, Shelby, or the new modern Boss 302. Please note that these tees will not start shipping until the end of April, 2015. Be the first at the next SCMC event to be wearing the newly designed club tee.

SCMC Price: $20.00