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SCMC Scudo Wallet

SCMC Scudo Wallet
Tired of so-called "indestructable" wallets that are all hype? Where the competitors literally fall apart in your hand, Scudo is a wallet built to take whatever you throw at it. Milled from a block of solid aluminum and finished with military-grade Type III hardcoat, this wallet doesn't mess aroundóbut it's still light enough to fit in your pocket for everyday use. Look at the Scudo advantages:

1. Holds 16 credit cards or business cards
2. Protects against having your credit cards scanned by thieves
3. Small and compact and weighs just 4 ounces
4. Classic SCMC logo with optional text for an extra fee
5. Hard coat aluminum finish
6. Great conversation piece among friends and family
Price: $79.00
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